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 Robert Aplin
BSc (Hons) Pod Med, MChS, HCPC Registered
L.A Certified

 Maria Ashbridge
BSc (Hons) Pod Med, MChS, LFHom, HCPC Registered,
L.A & POM Certified

Robert graduated from the Northampton School of Podiatry in 1996 with a BSc (Hons) in Podaitric Medicine.

On graduating Robert worked within the NHS for 4yrs.

He then spent 1½ years working in a multidisciplinary practice in New Zealand.

Since then he has dedicated himself to private practice in the UK and set up ‘FeetMatters’.

Robert covers and deals with all aspects of foot care.

Maria Ashbridge works as a clinical associate at the Dartford Foot Clinic, she qualified as a State Registered (HCPC) Podiatrist in June of 2006 from East London University, but has been working in NHS Podiatry at Greenwich and Lewisham for twenty-eight years, beginning as a Foot Care Assistant for Greenwich Health Services in 1989 and progressing to the role of Technical Instructor in Podiatry, before eventually undertaking her Medical Degree and qualifying as a professional Podiatrist. Maria still works part-time for the NHS at University Hospital Lewisham, where she leads the Minor Surgery Podiatric Team as an Advanced Podiatrist. Maria has extended and diversified her own skill-base and available treatment range, offering alternative podiatric approaches, including Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine (Society-Approved Marigold therapy) which can be employed in the treatment of a variety of foot pathologies. Maria is competent to utilise the latest evidenced-based vascular assessment techniques, including ABPI’s and can also assess and treat Diabetic patients offering full Diabetic assessments and wound care. Maria is skilled in bio-mechanic assessments, offering casted and custom-made orthotics.